Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer already?!?!

I can't believe it's only the beginning of's been in the upper 90's for over a week now!! The humidity has been slowly creeping up each day as well......ugh! Photobucket I've been letting Ty get in his pool, but i've only been letting him stay in for a little while at a time. Now is when I wish we had a regular pool so we can all swim! LOL

So we found out a few weeks ago that the in-laws are coming to visit next month. They will be here on July 4th, and are staying for about a week. I'm looking forward to it, but a small part of me is dreading it. Whenever they are here, my SIL calls my MIL a million times a day and it drives me crazy!! Ok, maybe not a million times, but she calls alot....or my MIL will end up calling her, and it makes me feel like i'm not doing something right as a host. Does that make any sense?!? I mean, when they are not here, my SIL calls my MIL anywhere from 5-10 times a day which is fine of course, but when they are on vacation here, why does she need to talk to them so much? Part of me knows it's because she is mad/jealous that they come to visit us and not her and her family. (the in-laws live in MD, and my SIL lives in TX) Like I said before, it really makes me feel like i'm not a very good host and I hate that feeling. Plus, Ty will be playing with my MIL and SIL will call and my MIL will totally ignore Ty, to the point that he comes to me and will say "mommy, why is granny not playing/talking with me anymore?" I don't know.....i'm sure i'm just over thinking all of it. And 'm sure the bad blood between the in-laws and myself doesn't help matters any.....

Ok, I need to get off of here and start getting a few more things done. I feel like I get nowhere somedays!! LOL I'll post more later......:)


Patrice4 said...

Ugh, boy do I know that--feeling like getting no where. And the pool thing too. I don't swim, but so long as the water is shallow for my short body, I don't mind hoping around. Patrick swims so great. I think he misses that kind of exercise--when he lived in Brooklyn and then when we lived in Brooklyn, we lived right next to the beach, so he could swim lots. He wants to get the kids a slip and slide. I think he wants to slide as well--we'll see. Too bad our backyard isn't big enough. Ah well.

I get along with my IL's, but I get what you're saying. Well except BIL #3's wife--ick. Well truth be told I haven't had to see her since their wedding in 2000--and they almost got married on my 30th birthday--I'm glad they didn't, I was pissed--they did it 3 days before. But although I get along with the IL's, and there are lots of them--4 SIL's, 3 BIL's, 1 BIL by marriage, 2 SIL's by marriage and FIL and his wife--that's alot of folks. But I have always had this thing that my kids were the forgotten Grandkids. Patrick once said he thought I was thinking it was a racial thing. Nope, never would. FIL is great. Both my family and Patrick's family had no problem with the interracial thing. It's just that SIL #3's kids were the first grandkids, SIL #4's kids were the first grandsons, and then Maryjean came along and we lived in NY which FIL said he hated, he would visit more if we moved out of NY. BIL #3 gets married. Jon-Christopher is born, 6 weeks later their John is born. BIL #3 and FIL both live in TX. So now he's got 4 kids and his stepson--so those are the TX grandkids and I still feel ours are the forgotten ones. Although I know FIL has alot of grandkids and with everyone spread out it's hard, but I can't shake it. It's an even longer story than this--I'll have to tell you one day, but I hijacked--I get where you are coming from--it's different, but the same, ya know?

And Granny should prioritize when she comes for a visit. Ty is too young to understand and I hate when kids feel that way. :(

Christine said...

Whew, I am SO glad you get where i'm coming from with the IL thing and granny visiting!!! I was really worried it came off as me being jealous or just whiney. For me, I don't think my MIL or FIL will ever have a *good* relationship because of things that were said a few years ago.....lots of hurtful things were said that just can't be taken back, but I put on the happy daughter-in-law face for them when they are here for Ty and for Z's sake.

You know, we thought about the slip n slide thing.....they have some really neat ones out now! I think we'll stick with Ty's pool for now, though. My parents have a 4 ft pool and I loved going over there to swim!! If we were ever home owners where we live at now, i'd LOVE to put a pool out back!!