Monday, June 16, 2008

Adding a new label to the blog!!!

Ok, so Zane and I have been talking alot lately about having another baby and I am going to add a new label to the blog to help keep track of our TTC progress. We're going to be seeing the doctor within the next week or so to see what meds I need to switch to. Plus, I still need to have a yearly exam done and have the IUD removed, which i'm hoping to have done really soon. :)

I am so excited about all of this!! I've been wanting another baby for quite some time now. I've had this "feeling" inside of me that our family just isn't complete....does that make any sense? I'm still going to be exercising and eating better so I can continue to lose, we'll be having lots of fun practicing i'm sure! Photobucket

I can't wait to get officially started!!!!! Photobucket