Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mail for the 25th and 26th

Not too bad!!!

Vaseline Lotion for Men (walmart)
Playetx drop ins bottle :)
$35 GC to Olive Garden/Red Lobster from MyPoints
$6 Paypal from Pinecone Research (they dropped me down to $3, but they sent me two paying surveys in one day since dropping me down!! I'll gladly take the $3 each! woohoo!!)

I also got two packages from amazon paid for with gc's. I got lots of new toys for the kitchen in one package, and a cd I ordered through pepsi points in the other. :)


Patrice4 said...

Boo Pinecone. They're so mean to me. I miss them and they won't respond to me. I even wrote to see if I was registered, she e-mailed me back "No" re-registered and nothing. Ah well.

Ooh, I can't wait to rack up MyPoints. Wish I had the desire to follow through with the offers, but heck, every 5 points counts. :p

Christine said...

I never do the offers with mypoints, and those 5 points really add up fast!!! Especially since they send so many spam emails to earn those points! Pinecone sort of ticks me off.....they threatend to drop everyone who was getting paid $5 if you didn't take the $3 offer. I guess some amount is better than none, though....i'm sorry they won't let you register! :(