Monday, June 2, 2008

Mail for May 30th to today

Not too bad! :)

- Ban Deodorant (Walmart)
- Test Product from SurveySpot (I NEVER get anything good from's about time something came of them!! LOL)
- Nature Made Super B-complex 14 day supply
- $15 Check from parenting survey
- Clinique mascara (I have no idea how I got it?!?)


Patrice4 said...

I finally get to catch up, yay! Nothing like hive meds which should have me asleep having me up at this odd time in the morning. What did you get to test from SurveySpot? I HATED them--soooo much spam, and the e-mail I had them with I can't access anymore--for some reason my computer blocked IWON months ago and I don't know how to unblock it, so ah well. hahaha With the mascara. Don't you love getting freebies you're not sure about?

Christine said...

They sent me 4 pair of underwear that I am loving!!! I was so shocked they emailed me to test something, and even MORE shocked that I got picked!!! They are such a crappy survey site for the most part, though.....

And I always love getting surprise freebies!!! Woohoo!!