Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family drama

And it's not my family causing the drama!! I am posting this here at my blog because I know whoever started all of this mess (and I know who it was...typical drama queen we've been dealing with) can read my blog, which is fine with me that they can read it. But also, I WILL NOT censor anything I post here or on Facebook. Anything I say about anyone I would gladly say to their face. This is MY place to vent about things and if whatever I say gets back to someone, then make sure you tell them EXACTLY WHAT I SAID and not twist things around to make your drama loving ass look good!!!

 I can not get over how insanse and just plain miserable some people can be. Right now there is all kinds of drama going on with Z's family and the in-laws, all over something I DID NOT say. And the best one will tell me who even posted what I supposedly said! And I KNOW at least 2 people who can see who it was but will not say. How nice is it to be accused of saying something you didn't say and then not told who posted it and twisted my words around?!?! So that leads me to believe (even though I was told it wasn't her) that it IS the person/people I think it is, and they both can just get over themselves and keep their drama all to themselves.

So I know this will get back to my in-laws when I post this, and I would GLADLY tell them this to there face:

Go to Texas, enjoy yourelves out there and then just GO HOME. I DO NOT want all of this drama around my boys and will NOT allow Ty and Chase to get upset because THEY upset Z so much. If you could have seen how shaken, crying and upset Ty was because, and I quote Ty EXACTLY: "I hate that granny and grandpa made daddy cry..." You ALL should be ashamed of yourselves and just MOVE ON with ALL of your DRAMA!

Now, when you tell your parents the in-laws about this blog post, you better be sure to tell them EXACTLY what it says and DO NOT twist my words around again!! All you are doing is pushing not only Z and I away, but my boys further away from their grandparents.

GROW UP!!!!!!!!

Ahhh, I feel better..............Photobucket