Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to school update

Well, Ty's first week back to school went really well! He made a friend the very first day, and she is actually his best friend! They ride the bus together and always sit together. There is also another girl on the bus he made friends with! When Ty gets dropped off in the afternoon I stand on the front porch with Chase, and when the bus pulls up his friend will be waving out and saying "Hi, i'm Tylers best friend!" So cute!! This week they actually get into learning and doing schoolwork, and he will bring homework home tonight. The past few years he would bring homework home on Monday and it wasn't due until Friday. Now he will bring homework home on Monday and it is due on Thursday. He is actually excited about starting homework! I'm so thankful I have never had to fight with him to do his homework.....i'm sure as he gets older it will change, though! Well, maybe.......he seems to really be into school and I am beyond grateful for that.