Monday, August 6, 2012

Speaking of school

Ty goes back to school next Tuesday. This is our last week of summer break! Photobucket I can not get over how fast time has gone by. I am beyond nervous for him to start school. It's a new school for him and all new kids, plus he will be riding the bus full-time. Deep down I KNOW he will be fine. But see, I had it rough in school. Being picked on ALOT, and then having issues with anxiety. (that I had no idea that was what it was) I guess him going back to school has brought all of that to the surface, and i'm actually really scared. HE doesn't know that, of course! He is super excited....thank goodness he is nothing like me!! He is such a social guy, will talk to and play with any kid at school.

*sigh* Maybe it really is time for mommy to get medicated, huh?