Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday is here

Whew, this weekend FLEW by!! We had such an amazing weekend, though. When Z got home from work on Saturday we were going to head to Walmart to get the rest of Ty's things for school. Well, while we were getting ready he pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to do something fun with the boys, since they haven't really done ANYTHING this summer....heck, they hardly played outside at all. :( I told him it sounded great, especially with how things had been the past few days. So we went to Walmart first. This weekend was a tax free weekend, and I swear all the crazies came out!! We didn't go to our regular store, which made it so much more crazy. We found most of the items he needed there, but I couldn't get over how unorganized it all was. This year Ty needed those zipper pouches that go in a 3-ring binder (oh, and he needed a 1.5" binder...not 1", but 1.5"....we had to hunt all OVER for that size, and it ended up costing almost $7!!) and they had them with the school supplies, but they were almost $4!! I picked up 2, and asked where we could find the tab dividers. They said if we didn't see them to check in the Stationary section, so we just headed that way. We found them, as well as the 1.5" binder. We were leaving that isle when I saw more zipper pouches. They were about the size of the ones we had (maybe a little thinner, but still nice) and they were only .97!! Why the hell didn't they have THOSE down with the school supply mess?!?!? And forget about finding pencils. It was just insane. So we picked up some underwear and socks for him, and then a pair of jeans and left. We went to Target to see if they had some pencils and what all they had on sale, and their school supply section was slammed as well, but we did manage to find pencils! Thank you, Target!!

After we were done we headed towards our surprise. I was SO worried, as the sky looked nasty and they were calling for some strong storms. But we kept heading up the road and it seemed to clear a little which was nice. Our surprise was, Z took us to the Jefferson County Fair!! WOW, the boys were SO surprised and excited!!! I hadn't been to anything like that since I was a little older than Ty, so I was just as excited!!! It wasn't a whole lot to get in (thank goodness!) and we got there a little early but they were letting people in. (it opened at 5pm, but we got there a little after 4:30 and we got in) The boys were just so overwhelmed with it all....Ty kept saying "Ohh, I want to ride that ride!" and "And then i'll ride that one!" And all of the food they had....OMG, the smell was sooooo yummy!! The first thing they did was ride the Fun Slide. Ty could ride by himself, but daddy had to ride with Chase. (mommy had to take the pics, right?!?) Ugh, and speaking of pics. I remembered to bring my camera....and forgot the flippin memory card!!! Thank goodness I had charged my phone so I could get some pics! Ohhh, and for a phone it took some GREAT shots!!! Anyhoo, they all loved the slide! They had alot of rides for Chase as well as rides for older kids, which was really nice. Chase got on one or two, and then he and daddy (and Ty and I) rode the Ferris Wheel. After that we got a small snack....I finally got my snowball!!!! We hit the potty's and then got on some more rides. Ty also got to ride a pony and then we went to the petting zoo. Later that evening they had a tractor pull and that was SO cool!!! It was really loud, but both boys seemed to really like it. We got another small snack and walked some more so Ty could get on a few more things. When we first got there there was hardly anyone there so the lines were short, but by the time we were ready to go it was SLAMMED and the lines were majorly long. After 3 hours we were ready to go, though. When we left we all kept talking about how much fun it all was and thanking Z for taking us there! I did get lots of pics, and even a video of the tractor pull, but they are all on Facebook. (won't post them here, especially after all the drama that went on)

We stopped and ate dinner then came home. I put Chase to bed not too long after we got home and he passed out right away!! It was just so nice to get out as a family and do something like that. Especially now that Ty goes back to school next week.

Thank you again Z for an amazing time!!!! Photobucket