Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have always been super proud of the manners that Ty has....i've even had strangers comment on how they love how he uses his manners. He picked up on manners so quickly when he was a little guy, and I was hoping for the same with Chase. I tell ya, Chase has been doing AMAZING with his manners!!! When he wants a drink he'll usually point to the cup and whine....well, i'll ask him "What do you say?" And he'll say "Pees!!" And when he gets a drink he'll tell you "thank you" in his own little language. Well, sometimes at lunch i'll let him sit and watch one of his dvd's while he is eating...(in hopes that he'll start winding down and take a nap after lunch....never works, of course! LOL) Well, when I give him a piece of his lunch (if he has grilled cheese, I cut it up into 4 triangles and give him one at a time) he always looks at me, gives me a huge smile and says "tee-tee!" (his version of thank you!) I always tell him you are very welcome and he smiles even bigger!! He has also gotten into telling someone "bless you" when they sneeze. Or if he sneezes and you tell him "bless you" he will always smile and say thank you!

So very proud of BOTH of my boys!!!!! Photobucket