Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Points programs

So, I belong to several points programs - where you collect points and can "cash" them in for free stuff or gift cards. I do My Coke Rewards, Pampers Gifts to Grow and a site called My Points. I occasionally do something called Swag Bucks, but I don't check into it as often as I should. Anyhoo, I had been saving my coke points for a one year subscription to Club Pogo, and now that I finally have enough points I can't convince myself to use the points!!! I mean, I love playing Pogo games, but I don't honestly get that much time to play on the site....and I could get so many other smaller point items (like free coke and some free photo stuff through Snapfish...) ....OR, I could keep saving points to get something "bigger"......decisions, decisions.....

The same goes for My Points. I had been saving up to get a $25 Amazon gift card from them.....but then I saw they now offer Paypal! So I decided to save for that.....and now that I am there, the thought of "spending" all those points at one time is making me think I should just wait.......or I could get some gift cards to some restaurants.........there I go again!!!

But see, Pampers points are MUCH easier for me to "spend"......I just get things I need for Chase! I've cashed in several times with them, mainly for the Shutterfly offers. The last thing I cashed in for was a Sam's Club/Walmart gift card (which they have now replaced with Bj's...BOO!) and I now have my points up again, so I cashed out for a potty chair for Chase, which we will need hopefully sometime this summer. We had an Elmo chair, but it's just about had it so I ordered the cute Diego potty seat. (Chase has no idea who Diego is, but Ty does and is excited for Chase to get it! I've explained to Ty that he is too big to use it, and he got this disappointed look on his face but then said "I know that, mom..." LOL)