Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Monday rolls around....

Wow did this weekend fly by! (like they all do!) Despite the frequent storms and lots of rain, it was a really nice weekend. We did get a late start on Saturday with running our errands, mainly because Z's work messed up his paycheck and they had to FedEx him a new check....and of course FedEx doesn't get here until almost noon. And we were thinking since it was a payroll check they would require a signature so we waited around.....and he didn't even need to sign for it! But once we got on the road we got quit a bit of running done. We also got some really good deals at several stores! The only downside to Saturday was after we had got all of our regular running done. We came home to put away things that needed to go in the freezer or fridge and were going to head back out. Z and I had finished putting things away and I told him I would head back up to the van.....I stepped out onto the front porch and the next thing I know I was hitting the steps!! When the front porch gets wet it is SO freakin' slippery....just like ice!!! My butt hit every step, and it hurt like heck!!! Z came out to check on me and help me up so I could go back in and change my now wet clothes. After I changed, I made sure I came out the back door, even though the back deck is slippery as well when it gets wet....but no where near as nasty as the front porch!!! My left butt cheek is sore as heck, but I know i'm could have been much worse!!!

We had a nice Father's Day yesterday. Z was in a great mood all day!!! The boys both made him some super cute drawings, and I was able to get him a really cute card from a place called Tiny Prints. It was free, but I would have gladly paid for it...the card was SO nice and worth paying for! We had a super yummy dinner and just really enjoyed spending time together.

Well I guess I should cut this short so I can get a few things done.....apparently my daily goals idea didn't work out too well......LOL! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!