Monday, October 15, 2007

What a weekend!!!

Saturday Zane got off of work at 3pm, so when he got home he went inside and changed from his work clothes. He told me to get Ty and myself ready because we were going out for a ride. I was so excited!!! Most night we spend sitting in front of the tv doing absolutely nothing as a family, and I hate that. Anyhoo, we get down the road and I figured out where we were going.....Zane took us to Pigeon Forge!!!! We are pretty lucky that we only live maybe 25-30 minutes from there, but we still only go there every once in awhile. Our first stop was at the Russel Stover candy outlet store which is right outside of Pigeon Forge......we walked in and all you could smell was candy!! Just what a diabetic needs, right?!?!? LOL We did really good in there, though. We got 4 small bags of sugar free candy and boy is it yummy!!! We left there and went into the heart of Pigeon Forge. They had started putting up their Christmas lights already, which was pretty cool. They weren't lit, but they were still nice to look at. Tyler had a BLAST looking at everything, just like he always does. Then we went and ate dinner at Wendy's, because all of the restaurants were PACKED over there! Almost every place there had a huge waiting line that was outside!!!! Shocked It was just crazy!! But then again, it WAS Saturday night. Wendy's was really good, though....I just love their burgers. Drool We left Wendy's and rode down the highway towards Gatlinburg. We turned around right before you go up the mountain to Gatlinburg and I saw this huge barn!! I was telling Zane about it and he took us up to check it was a barn they turned into Dick Clarks American Bandstand!! It looked awesome!!! I took a few pics of it that turned out so cool!!!!

The pic is a little blurry, but it still looks cool. There was a live band playing on a stage outside when we pulled up, but it was a little chilly so we didn't stay. After we left there, we went to Patriot Park and parked the truck so we could get out and walk around. We walked past a restaurant called The Old Mill, where there have a gorgeous little waterfall!! Tyler loved looking at that, even though he's seen it dozens of times! We continued to walk until we got to this little candy shop....and Zane surprised us with getting a funnel cake!!! I couldn't believe it!! It was so yummy......we all tore it up!!! LOL When we were walking back to the truck, I asked Tyler if he had a good time and he said "yep!!! I had a great time being with you AND daddy!!!" It felt so good to hear that. We hardly ever seem to do anything as a family anymore, but Saturday night was so wonderful. I just can't put into words how I felt.......


bluehoneytigger said...

Well it sounds like you had a great time. I miss Pigeon Forge. After Karreem and I got married we went and took pictures of the Water Fall and pictures of the Christmas lights but the lights did not come out. We used a instant camera and the quality sucked. Anyway we went up on the side of the mountain in Gatlinburg and saw Ice skating and tons more, that really was a great place for our honeymoon. Glad you had such fun. It makes you feel really great when someone surprises you with something like that.

Christine said...

The first time we went to Pigeon Forge to see the lights we had a disposable camera.....the pics turned out AWFUL!!!! Now whenever Zane says we're going for a ride somewhere, I always have my camera with me! LOL

And you know, it really did feel good to have a surprise like that. We hardly ever get good family time together, and Ty and I are couped up in the house all week long so to have some family time and get out of the house, it was just amazing!!!