Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End of school year!

I am just SO blown away that Ty is almost done with school. I remember when I was in school my mother telling me how each school year would go by faster and faster, and at the time I thought she was crazy! Of course as I got older I really did see how fast each year would go by....and now that I have kiddos of my own I see it even more. It seems like I blink and another month has gone by........I mean, wasn't it just Christmas?!?!? And here we are almost half way through the year. I just can not believe I will have a third grader!!! I'm actually a little nervous about his next school year since he will be going to a different school and will be riding a bus again. My main worry about the bus is the people that live in this neighborhood.......their kids will ride the same bus as Ty and some of them are not the nicest kids. (because of their parents, obviously....) But i'm sure he will do just fine........I'M the one worried about it all, not him! LOL

Anyhoo, I was doing some research and am going to make Ty's teacher an altered clipboard. Every end of school year i've wanted to make something special for his teacher, but every time something comes up and we just didn't have the money to get materials I needed. I have an adorable cross stitch pattern for a teacher but last year Z had been out of work due to surgery and I didn't have the money to get the fabric I needed. (had to stop surveys for awhile to keep up with things around the house :() This year I wanted so baldy to make the cross stitch pattern, but thanks to my right hand being a PITA I can't do it. I had remembered seeing a few ladies post on a forum I lurk on about some altered things they made and one of them was a clipboard. I had found a few places where I can order one already made, but they were SO expensive! (and of course worth it since they were handmade!) Being on a budget I decided to just get the things I needed and make my own. After watching several videos, I was SO confused! (but then again, it's not hard to confuse me! LOL) I went back to the board I lurk on and asked a few questions and they were SO helpful and really made it seem alot less intimidating. I finally got the rest of the things I needed yesterday (minus a die cut I ordered, that I am praying will arrive in time...*sigh*) and i'm going to get started on this! I'm obviously nervous as heck about how this will turn out.........

Now I need to go through my paper and ribbon stuff to see what all I can add......i'll be sure to post pics as I go along!!! Wish me luck!! Photobucket