Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Schools out for summer!!"

It is official....summer break is on!!! We went and got Ty early from school today (even though it was a half day anyway! LOL) and the school was SO empty! In fact, Ty's classroom only had 3 other students in it. We went into the classroom and gave his teacher the gift I made.....she loved it!! And of course I didn't bring my camera as I wanted to get Ty's pic with his teacher. But we stayed a little while and talked with her.....she is SO awesome. It's actually kind of sad that Ty is done with his school.........but at the same time he is excited about going to a new school. And, his teachers youngest son goes to the school Ty is going to, so that is pretty cool!!!'s still so hard to believe I am the mom of a third grader!!!!