Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Middle of the week, woohoo!!

So hard to believe it's already Wednesday! It's going to be super hot here again today......ugh, this summer is going to be brutal!! Anyhoo, Ty had his follow-up appointment with the Pediatric GI specialist yesterday. She said other than the excess bile he had, everything came back just fine, and the medicine he is on should take care of the bile issue. So when he's done with the pills he is taking he won't have to take anymore! We were ALL so relieved! He hasn't had any tummy issues in quite awhile now (well, the other night he did but I think it was from him playing outside in the heat) so i'm hoping it will continue to stay away.

So the past few days i've been working on some things for Chase's birthday next month. How in the world is he turning 3?!?!? I had looked into doing a Blue's Clues "party" for him (it will just be us here for his birthday but I still wanted to do a theme...LOL) but trying to find things that didn't cost a small fortune is impossible!! Even Party City had limited things for Blue's Clues. So I decided to go with Yo Gabba Gabba. I'm still tweaking the birthday invites but I did order some things from Amazon yesterday to go with the theme. (THANK YOU survey money!!) I'd still like to get a few more things to go with what I ordered, and then we need to figure out what to get him!

Well, I need to finish getting things together and take Ty to school.....hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!! Photobucket