Monday, June 25, 2007


Here it is, monday again. This weekend went by so quickly! It was so flippin' hot out there, too! I filled up Tyler's pool on saturday and let him get in for a little while. The water was so warm it felt like bath water.....ick! He didn't stay in long because it was thundering pretty good outside. We only got a little rain out of it, although my mater plants appreciated it! Last night we got much more rain, which is a good thing. Saturday we did get to do a little shopping, but I didn't get my external hard drive I wanted. I want to do more research on them before I decide on what I want. We did however stock up on things needed around the house. We went to Sam's Club and then to the Walmart Supercenter. Yesterday we went back to Sam's to get what we forgot on saturday, and I bought a really nice rug for the downstairs is SO soft and heavy!!! I can't get over how nice it is.....or the price. It was only $12.47! All the rugs we saw at Walmart saturday night were no where near as nice as the rug at Sam's. They were so thin and cheap....but cost anywhere from $20-$25! I ended up going back to Sam's a second time yesterday to get a second rug! They are so thick and soft, it's like walking on a cloud!! Tyler walked into the bathroom and was standing on the rugs and said "Wow mommy, this rug is nice!" He then proceeded to dance on them! LOL Silly.......

So for dinner last night we had bacon cheeseburgers......can I just say YUM!!! The last time I made bacon cheeseburgers I had cut up the bacon into pieces, fried them in the skillet, then added then into the ground round and mixed it all together. Then I made the hamburger patties and cooked them on the grill. Now THAT was yummy! Although, next time I make them that way I need to make sure I cook up alot more bacon. Last night I couldn't make them that way because Zane had already made the patties up....but they were still super yummy last night!! I think tonight i'm going to make a meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans and some fresh baked bread from the grocery store. I also think i;m going to brew some more sweet tea......yum, yum!!