Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Home again!!

I am SO sorry it's been so long since i've made a post!!! Zane surprised Tyler and I with our very first family vacation! We went up to Maryland to visit with family, and it was SO much fun! We left on the 23rd of May around 4pm and got to the in-laws house a little after midnight. We made awesome time!! We even stopped several times to stretch our legs and let the dogs out. Tyler did amazing the entire ride! We borrowed a portable dvd player from a friend of ours, and boy did that make a HUGE difference with Ty! He was so excited that he could watch his movie Cars and his Little Einstein dvd's while being in daddy's truck. We are really hoping to get our own portable dvd player soon! It was really nice seeing everyone again. We had not seen the in-laws since earlier this year and they had a blast with Ty! On Saturday the 26th, we went to visit my parents, and they had not seen Tyler in over a year! No one could get over how much he has grown and how well he is talking....I was definitely a proud momma! It was really nice for me to see my parents as well....I love living out here in the country, but I sure do miss being close to family. :( Anyhoo, later on Saturday we went over my oldest sisters house for a cookout....and one of my other sisters surprised us by coming over as well!!! It was just awesome! We had such a great time, I hated to leave! Everyone was amazed at how Tyler was talking and how he had such good manners....he is just growing up SO fast!! We left my sisters house around 6pm that night and went back to spend more time with the in-laws. We spent all day Sunday with them so they could get in as much time as possible with Ty. He is their first grandchild, and boy do they love the little guy! (and how could you NOT love him?!? hehe) Monday the 28th, Memorial Day, we packed up all of our stuff and went back to my parents before we headed back home. It was very hard on the in-laws to say goodbye to Tyler...and I know he will miss them, too. Hopefully they will be able to come down to visit us real soon. We got to my parents house around 12:30 in the afternoon and had a great time! My dad and Zane talked about how the traffic will be when he we head back home and when the best time to leave would be. Well, we decided to get up as early as we possibly could to head back home. I let Zane sleep in the bed by himself so he could get all the sleep he could, so Ty and I slept upstairs in a recliner. Zane woke us up around 2:30am on Tuesday and we finished getting things put away, including getting the dogs in the truck, and we left for Tennessee. I tell you, it felt SO good to be back home!! We may have been born and raised in MD, but TN has offically become our home. Being in MD was great, but it felt a little....awkward? I don't know....we both felt a little out of place being there. I guess it's because we've been away for so long. We got home a little after 12pm on the 29th. Zane and Ty took a nap when we got here, and I just sat on the sofa, enjoying being in my own home once again. I am in no hurry what so ever to take another long trip like that again! LOL