Saturday, May 5, 2007

The weekend is here

And it is pouring down outside!! I'm actually glad to see a little rain. It has been really warm and humid the past 3-4 days. Poor Tyler has been wanting to go outside but with it so warm out, i'd rather he not be running around like he does. I have been letting him out a little at a time, though. With it cool and raining out, I can let him out today to play on the front porch......although the day he can go out and play he wants to sit and watch some of his favorite shows. Disney Channel is his favorite channel anymore! I don't mind him watching Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....I kind of like them myself!

This past week went by SO fast! Thursday is Zane's day off, so we did a little grocery shopping. Well, the grocery store here, Food City, has little shopping carts just for kids. They are SO cute! Ty loves pushing them around the store. Well, the last time he used one, he did just awful. He kept looking at his feet instead of where he was going, he was running into Zane and other shoppers, and running into shelves because he was running and goofing off. Needless to say, I took the cart from him and took him out to the truck while Zane checked out. We had a nice long talk about how he can not do all the things he did, and that he would not get another little cart unless he could use it the right way. Well, this past thuraday we get to Food City and lo and behold, there is the little carts. Tyler got so excited, and asked me if he could please push the little carts. I told him if he promised to be good and not push it like a maniac, he could use one. He clapped his hands and was SO excited!! He ran to the cart and was just so happy, how could I NOT say yes?!? So, Zane pushed a regular cart and I walked with Ty and his cart. He did such a good job!!! I only had to fuss with him a few times about running or not watching where he is going.....but I was so proud of how well he did. SO we go to the self checkout and while Zane is scanning, I told Ty we need to put his little shopping cart back. When we came back over to where Zane was, Ty decided he was going to sit under the big cart. I told him he really shouldn't sit there because he could get hurt, but of course he tells me "no, I be fine..."(my big fear was him jumping off and running from us!) So I let him sit there, but told him he needed to keep his hands up and sit very still and NOT get off of the cart until I have his hand. Zane finishes scanning and we headed out the door. We're going across the parking lot talking when all the sudden the cart stops and Zane says, "what in the world did I hit?" He pulled back on the cart and I looked down at Tyler.....he is climbing off of the cart and starts screaming. Apparently while Zane was pushing the cart, he decided to put his fingers on one of the wheels and it got pinned. I scooped him up and put him in his carseat so I could look at his fingers. He was crying and screaming, saying "ow, ow, ow..." It broke my heart. :( We asked him to move them and he could which was a good thing. I put some ice in a napkin and put that on his hand and he said it helped a little. When I got to really look at his fingers, only his middle finger was really hurt. Part of the skin near the nail had a cut on it and the finger was red, but not swollen or purple. It also looked like a blister was starting under the finger. When we got home, we cleaned it up more and put some neosporin on it with a big band aid so he couldn't bend the finger. I also gave him some Tylenol for the pain. By dinner time he was using his hand just fine. Zane felt so bad, and of course I did too. I should NOT have let him ride on the cart like that. I should have known better, that's for sure. :( When we were in the truck right after it happened I was talking to him and said, "That's why mommy told you not to ride under the cart, sweetie..." And he tells me, while still crying his little heart out, "I sowwy, mommy...." I hugged him and told him he didn't need to be sorry, it was not his fault at all and accidents happen. I then said I should not have let him ride under like that and he tells me, "it's otay mommy, its a accident..." I just wanted to cry right along with him!!! As of today his finger is just fine. It looks a little rough on the underside, but he says it doesn't hurt at all anymore. He got so very lucky. And he now tells me he can not ride under the shopping carts like that anymore......I told him you got that right!!! LOL

So with this being a rainy weekend, I think i'm going to make some oatmeal raisin cookies. mmm, I love warm, homemade oatmeal raisin cookies!! I add extra cinnamon to my recipe and they turn out SO yummy!!!! Speaking of yummy, for dinner last night we made bacon cheeseburgers. Instead of using hamburger rolls to eat our burgers, we use regular toasted bread....SO GOOD! Well, last night Zane brought home some thick texas toast bread. We toasted that in the toaster (it barely fit! LOL) and we ate our burgers on about YUMMY!!!! I just wish we would have had a tomato to go with it! LOL It was delicious, though! I'm not sure what we are having tonight.........i'll need to look in the freezer to see what to take out.

I'm also hoping to get the ground ready for our tomato plants this weekend. I think tomorrow is supposed to be nice, and with the rain today it should make it pretty easy to pull weeds and till the ground up where we plant. I can't wait to get our tomato plants going!!!!!

Well, I guess that is it for right now.....I need to go pee and get something out for dinner before it's too late. I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed weekend!!!!!