Monday, July 9, 2012


So today is Sugar Cookie Day!! I've been wanting to make some cookies for awhile now, and I finally made some!!! I didn't do sugar cookies, though......I made:

Such wonderful, cinnamon-iny goodness!!!

I know i've talked about Krusteaz cookies before, but I just can not get over how easy they are to make and how GREAT they taste!! Their sugar cookie mix is the best sugar cookie I have ever had and is a staple for us at Christmas time, even for goodie baskets! But I think my favortie cookie is their Chocolate Chunk cookie mix.

It is THE best tasting chocolate chunk/chip cookie ever!!! The only thing I change is I sift the cookie mix and take the chocolate chunks out. They are good, but I replace them with this:

mmmm, talk about an amazing chocolate chip cookie!!! In fact, I am now baking these since I am done with the Snickerdoodle cookies........this house smells SO yummy right now!!!