Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today's mail

Ok, so I haven't gotten the snail mail yet for today BUT.....Fedex just pulled up and dropped off not one, but TWO of the Febreze Pet Carrier kits!!!! Each kit had a full size can of Febreze air effects Pet Odor Eliminator, a newspaper squeaky toy thingie, a cute bandanna and a lid for a dog food can. I was so disappointed when everyone was getting these over a month ago and I never got mine, but I figured that's how it goes when you sign up for freebies.....and I ended up getting TWO of these!!!!

I'll update this post if I get any other goodies in the snail mail. :)

**UPDATE** Ok, snail mail wasn't too bad....it came super late, though!!!

- Johnson & Johnson Parent Pack (full of all kinds of goodies! Some carefree pads, Neutrogena cleansing pads, Aveeno lotion for baby and regular, J&J baby lotion, Neutrogena make-up samples, and some coupons!)
- Another cd I ordered from Amazon (not free, but only cost me .97! Plus, it came with coupons for free chicken sandwiches from mcdonalds!)