Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mom :-/

I got a call from my sister saying my mom was taken back to the hospital earlier this afternoon with chest pains. They did say her pressure was fine, so now i'm just waiting to hear from someone with an update. :(

**UPDATE** I got to talk to my dad and my sister last night and they said she is doing good. She hasn't had any more pains since the paramedics gave her an aspirin, which is a good thing. :) The doctor at the hospital first suspected a blood clot, but the Cat scan came back fine. They did find some fluid in her chest, but not in her lungs. (if that makes sense?) They were going to put a drain in and have her stay for a few days. If the drain didn't work she would need surgery again to remove the fluid. Of course we are all hoping for no surgery!! Once the fluid is gone and they feel she is ready she will go back to the rehab home to continue with that.