Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yesterday was Zane and I's anniversary, but we decided to hold off on doing anything (like going out to dinner) until a weekend. Well, because they screwed up depositing Zane's paycheck (he has direct deposit that is supposed to go in on Friday, but it didn't go in until yesterday! Talk about pissed!!!) we had to do our grocery shopping last night. We did end up eating dinner out, though...Burger King! LOL Actually, it was pretty good! Anyhoo, we were leaving the last store when I noticed they had some gorgeous looking tomato plants that were HUGE! They were in a single quart (I think?) container, and were already 6-7" high!! Zane said he had seen them at other stores for over $9, so I was sure they would be super expensive. Well, he went into the store to check the price, and get this........they were only $1.99!!!!!!!! I could NOT believe it!!! So, my anniversary gift was 7 HUGE tomato plants!!!! I can't wait to get those babies into the ground soon!! I'll of course be taking pics of them and posting them very soon......Photobucket