Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mom setback

So the results from the cat scan have come back. My mom has fluid in her esophagus and one of her lungs, and has a blockage in her small intestine. They are going to put something in to drain more fluid off, and they most likely will have to do surgery to remove the blockage. My sister did say my dad really feels bad because my mom is saying once they fix whatever is going on now she wants to just go home, and not back to the nursing home/rehab place. *sigh* I'll update here once I know a little more.......

**UPDATE** My sister just called and said my mom is doing great!!! It turns out, she has a stomach ulcer, which caused a hole in her esophagus. They had to stop the meds she was on for her ulcer because of the chemo she was on, but she is back on it now and it will help heal the ulcer and hole. The blockage in her lower intestines is gone! It worked it's way out on it's own. AND, the fluid in her lung is working it's way out on it's own too!!!! So she will NOT need surgery!! WOOHOO!!! They are thinking she will be released from the hospital *possibly* tomorrow, and she will go back to the rehab place to continue with that. :)


CurlyMonkeyMomma said...

Ugh...another if she hasn't already been through enough. I was wondering how she was doing. What exactly does having the fluid mean?
I don't blame her for wanting home...hospitals are so depressing.
Hope everything goes well...keep us updated, as I know you will!

Christine said...

I'm not really sure if they know just why she got the fluid. They say it is common though for people who just went through surgery, but normally if they are not up and moving around. She wasn't walking, but they did have her sitting up in bed and in a chair, so it's really weird. They did say the clot was also common for someone who had the type of surgery she had, and it can easily be corrected. It's just more surgery, unfortunately....i'll update once I hear more.