Monday, May 12, 2008

Mail goodies

Ok, i'm going to go back to posting what I get in the mail on a semi-daily basis.....I think that will really help me with posting here more frequently. Ok, here is what I have gotten so far for the month of May:

- $10 Amazon GC/Baker street Solutions ~ Rec'd 5/3 (email)
- Seatles Best Coffee sample ~ Rec'd 5/6
- Ziploc Big Bags/Bzzagent campaign ~ Rec'd 5/7 (UPS) (if your not a member of Bzzagent, you should REALLY join!! They offer some great campaigns!!!)
- Dove Ultimate Clear gofresh deodorant ~ Rec'd 5/7 (Wal-mart)
- $10 Buzzback check ~ Rec'd 5/9
- $2 Netverdix check ~ Rec'd 5/10
- L&M Keychain ~ Rec'd 5/10
- Ortho pill holder ~ Rec'd 5/10 (not sure how I got this?!?)


Patrice4 said...

Cool. I am in the Aveeno campaign. I finally got something. I loved the last Aveeno they sent last year. But I am a terrible buzzer. How do you do with that?

Hahaha, I use night cream during the day. Does that make me weird? LOL!

Christine said...

ohhh, I wanted the Aveeno campaign!! I just finished up the Oust one and am working on the Ziploc big bag campaign. I usually just bzz either my family members or some friends and just write out a report about it. I try to do 2-3 reports per campaign, but sometimes it's not easy! I hate to admit it, but i've had to embellish a report once because I didn't really bzz anyone about the product they sent! LOL But they have been pretty good to me, plus Zane is a member too and gets some good stuff from them. Last year he got in on the sonicare toothbrush deal, and I got the sanitizer! I did have to help him with his report, though....but I made him type it all out! LOL

And sweetie, if you using night cream during the day makes you weird, then we both are because i've done it before too!!! LOL Hmmm, maybe that's why we get along so well.......:)

Patrice4 said...

Okay, I guess I should write something. LOL! I'm so bad, I get like one campaign a year. Is Baker St frequent? I signed up for them eons ago on another e-mail address--LOL--can't remember if we switched and I forgot about it or what. LOL! I miss free money and GC's. :D

Christine said...

Nah, Baker St. is far and few between anymore. I also miss money and gc's!! Hey, did you get the email from the batrender place? They should have another survey out soon!!!