Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yesterdays mail

Nothing exciting, but at least it was something!!

- Sensodyne Tothpaste (Walmart)
- Home test Institute post card
- package from amazon with some books for Ty for his My First Leappad school bus (paid for with gc's)


Patrice4 said...

Still, freebies are freebies. I'm going to be sad come January when Elway gets her last Dolly book "Kindergarten here I come!"

BTW, I meant to mention it on your other entry and I couldn't figure out what I forgot--LOL! Yay for coming up on 7 years. We'll hit 10 years (shock!) on Halloween. I told Patrick that yesterday and he was like "For real?" I remember when 10 sounded so far away. Wow. :)

Christine said...

Ohhh, I totally forgot about those books!! We will miss them, too. :(

Wow, 10 years?!? That is so awesome!! I still can't believe it's been 7 for Zane and I. Some days it feels like it's been alot longer than that, but other days I am in shock it's already been 7. Time is really going by so fast!

CurlyMonkeyMomma said...

Hey, you know I went on slick deals again today...I haven't been on there since you first told me about it and that was last year!!
I signed up for some lotion, a free beach towel, facial cleanser...all kinds of stuff, It's addicting!!

Christine said...

Jackie!!!! It's so great to see you posting here!!! **hugs** Slickdeals is majorly addicting!! Is the towel from parliment? If so, I got it a week or so ago and it is SUPER nice!!!