Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mail goodies for April

Not too bad this month:

- Lifestyle Sensual Gel ~ Rec'd 4/3
- Coupon for free 12 pack Coke product ~ Rec'd 4/4 (MCR)
- Glad Foreflex Trash liner ~ Rec'd 4/8 (Wal-mart)
- I Hate Clowns sticker ~ Rec'd 4/8
- Maybelline Foundation ~ Rec'd 4/11 (Wal-mart)
- Address Labels/Magnet Street ~ Rec'd 4/11
- Uni-ball Pen ~ Rec'd 4/14
- Marie Claire small mirror ~ Rec'd 4/14
- Bzzagent Troll Doll ~ Rec'd 4/14 (super cute!!!)
- Motts Sprout Smart set/bowl, cup, utensils ~ Rec'd 4/15 (UPS)
- Xerox glow pen ~ Rec'd 4/16
- Colgate total toothpaste ~ Rec'd 4/16 (Wal-mart)
- Gold Bond lotion ~ Rec'd 4/19 (Wal-mart)
- Schick Quattro Titanium Razor ~ Rec'd 4/21
- Hershey's Bliss Houseparty Kit ~ Rec'd 4/18 (DHL) (9 bags of chocolate!!!)
- Parliment towel w/trash container ~ Rec'd 4/25 (UPS) (I got to design it it!)
- All-Clad Measuring cups ~ Rec'd 4/28 (from anniversary registry...SO heavy!!!)

Survey money/Gift cards earnerd:
Starbucks GC: $5
Pinecone Research: $10
Border's GC: $10
Peddler's Choice GC: $10
General surveys: $23 (paypal, check, cash)


Patrice4 said...

Shoot, I am going to have to give you my address for some of the goodies I miss. LOL!

Christine said...

Girl, I told you before I would be more than happy to sign you up for some stuff!! ;)

Patrice4 said...

I can't wait to get more freebies. :) What are the best survey sites for GC's and money? Pocket Money. Patrick told me to sign him up for Pinecone, he said maybe his demographics will work better for them right now--I guess it can't hurt, they have ignored me since I've tried to get back with them.

Tell me about Paypal too, I had it eons ago briefly--my Aunt sent me an Ebay GC and I had to sign up for Paypal to use it, but then I got paranoid after I used it up and left. :p

Christine said...

Hmmm, you know, gc's and money have been so super slow lately for me. And pinecone has been crap for me as well!! All of the survey places have been crap for me lately, come to think of it!! :( I'm really hoping Lightspeed will open up their enrollment soon. They have been really good with surveys lately. So have Mypoints. I just cashed out for a $25 gc for red lobster/olive garden. :) I'll email you soon with the freebies i've signed you up for the past few days. :)