Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finally got to talk more with mom

So I finaly got to talk a little more with my mom about her appointment. She said the surgeon told her they would most likely remove her uterus, part of her bladder, and the lining of her stomach. It really all depends on just what they find when they get in there, but for the most part that all will be coming out. The surgeon also told her they are now thinking the cancer originated from the uterus/bladder, but once again they won't know for sure until they do the surgery.

I still feel pretty down that I can't be there when she has the surgery, but for the most part I sort of will be there, since i'll be praying like crazy!! I also know she will be in good hands with the doctors and nurses, and that is comforting as well. Thank you all for the prayers offered.........I am so very thankful to have such a great support group!! **hugs**


Patrice4 said...

((HUGS)) Have you heard anything? I wish I could have been there with you today, at least to talk and be a distraction. Sorry I haven't posted sooner. Please let me know.