Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New kitchen table

I forgot to post about the new kitchen table we got! Since we moved the table we had was just way too big for the kitchen, so I asked Z about downsizing the table and he said maybe income tax time. Well, this week Kmart had a super cute (and affordable!) table and chair set on sale! Z picked it up yesterday on his way home from work and we put it up last night: (ignore the radio stand next to the freezer in the pic....we had to move it to make room for the freezer, and I have no idea where we will put it! LOL)

It's so much smaller than what we had, but is just perfect for the four of us! I did keep one of the older chairs to use for Chase's booster seat, and the cushions on the seats now are just temporary until I can get some new ones. :)