Monday, February 4, 2008

Family update

Hmmm, I just realized it's been awhile since i've updated how things are going here. We have some changes happening later this month....Zane will be starting a new job!!! He will be working for a company that does fleet work for AT&T. He will be making more money, mainly because it is gauranteed work, all year long! Plus, health insurance is cheaper....and we'll be able to have vision and dental! They also offer a retirement plan. AND, he will only work Monday through he will have the weekends off!!!! There are just so many positives with this new job, he just couldn't turn it down!! Where he is working now, we always struggle during the fall/winter months because the work just isn't there. really seems things are starting to turn around for us.....and I am so excited!! His last day where he works now is going to be Feb. 16th. :)

I haven't updated about my mom lately, and I really need to do that! She is still doing great. A few days after her last chemo treatment, she was so very sick. Even with the meds they gave her, she was still miserable. She is really hoping once she gets her next chemo treatment, and each treatment after that, it won't be so hard on her body. She has had blood work done twice in the past two weeks, and it is all coming back great!! She has a doctors appointment today to go over things with the doctor in charge of the cancer treatment, so hopefully she'll let me know how it all goes when they get home. Her next chemo treatment will be this coming Friday. I did find out the doctor is saying it is stomach cancer now. Although, he still isn't too certain that is where it started from. But with all her results coming back so good, and from the scans she has had, he is going with that. I'm sure once they get it to shrink down they will know for sure where it started from.

Well, I think that will have to be it for now.....this darn internet is bumping me offline!!! >:-( Hope everyone has a great week!!!!


bluehoneytigger said...

Glad to here that everything is going good for you mom. I saw a report on 20/20 a few months ago that an entire family was living with out stomachs. So it’s possible for them to take hers out and her be fine. I hope it does not come to that but at least we know that it is possible. I hope her treatments go better for her. She’s in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!

Christine said...

Thanks so much, Pam!!! I don't think it would come to them taking her stomach out, but they will most certainly cut the tumor out when they shrink it.....hopefully that is what happens!! **hugs**

Patrice said...

Wow, I've been so behind. Yay for the new job. The thing I hate most about Patrick's job is that damned BCBST, the first job he had down here paid nothing but had the best insurance--I miss my Cigna. ;)

((HUGS)) for yuor Mom. Here's praying she gets stronger and healthier. :)

Christine said...

I am SO with you on the hate for BCBST....they are just awful!!! And than you so much for the hugs and prayers for my mom. They mean so much! **hugs** back at ya!