Saturday, February 2, 2008

Freebies and samples for January

Ok, I figured, since I don't get goodies in the mail every day I would just list everything I got for the month at one time.....that way I won't feel so crappy about not getting goodies every mail day! LOL So, here is what I got for the month of January:

- Oh! Oxygen Lip Balm/Tyra Tangerine ~ Rec'd 1/2
- Huggies wipes ~ Rec'd 1/3
- Women's Health Calendar ~ Rec'd 1/5
- Biore Ice Cleaner ~ Rec'd 1/7
- Tshirt from Goetze ~ Rec'd 1/7
- Eucerin Redness Relief (3) ~ Rec'd 1/11
- Test Product for Centercode ~ Rec'd 1/15 (FedEx)
- Another Oh! Oxygen Lip Balm/Tyra Tangerine ~ Rec'd 1/22 (have no idea how I got 2?!?)
- Oneida Servall/wedding registry ~ Rec'd 1/22 (UPS) this was my second one, this time in Z's name...weird!
- California Raisin Tote w/Tshirt, 3 bags of Raisins, and magent ~ Rec'd 1/23 (UPS)
- Colgate Toothebrush (2)/Spongebob & Shrek ~ Rec'd 1/26
- South Beach Living Granola and water mix (walmart) ~ Rec'd 1/28
- Bamboo Cutting Board/wedding registry ~ Rec'd 1/29 (FedEx) love it!!!
- Nikko Sugar Bowl/wedding registry ~ Rec'd 1/30 (UPS) so pretty and elegant! it doesn't match my kitchen at ALL!! LOL
- 8x10 Print from Canon ~ Rec'd 1/31 (for free, it turned out SO nice!)
- Test Product for Pinecone ~ Rec'd 1/31 (FedEx)

Money Earned (including gift cards):
- $40 survey checks/cash
- $10 Pinecone (paypal)
- $15 Starbucks (gift card)

WOW, now when I look at it THAT way, I feel so much better!!! LOL I just hope the goodies keep rolling in like that.........WOOHOO!!!! :)


bluehoneytigger said...

Wow, that's totally awesome. Two of the places you sent me Pincone and in home product testing, I'm signed up but they never have anything for me. I'm doing great with mysurvey and Testspin. :) :) Thanks!!!!!!

Christine said...

Wow you are so lucky...Testspin hates me! LOL Mysurvey is pretty good to me, as is lightspeed. I am hoping lightspeed opens up so I can get you signed up for them. Pinecone seems to be hit or miss for me, and in home product testing hasn't sent me anything in soooo long. Hopefully they will both pick up for us soon!! :)

Patrice said...

Wow, you've done well. Not me. I think all I got was the lip balm and the state of the states. Maybe I got something else, I totally can't remember right now. LOL!

But my little boy is growing up. He starts Tiger cubs next Sunday. Now to find stuff for the girls to do, Maryjean does not want to be a scout. LOL!

Patrice said...

Hahaha, I should send you all my information so I get more freebies. LOL! Although I think with the storms and weird weather, the mail carrier doesn't want to bring everything. hahahaha

Christine said...

I try to write down all the freebies I receive to help keep track of them, otherwise I would forget just about everything! LOL WOW, I can't believe Jon-Christopher is ready for Tiger Cubs! Gosh, I can't get over how fast time is going by....

Girl, I would be more than happy to sign up for freebies for you! I use a program to fill in the forms for stuff, so all I would have to do is add your info and then start signing you up as well. :) If you really want me to, just email me your info and i'll do my best to get you the hook-up! ;)