Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Awards Day

Yesterday was awards day at Ty's school and it was SO nice!! Every kindergartner got an award, which was nice, and it emphasized something they were good at. For example, they had awards for best reader, best speller, most improved reader....etc. I can't remember what Ty's award said, and get this......they took the awards back from them after they gave them out!! I *think* they took them back because having 5-6 year olds sitting with a piece of paper in their hands would result in a huge mess of itty-bitty pieces of paper everywhere, but I thought they would have handed them back to them after the ceremony. Hopefully he'll get his award either today, tomorrow or Friday. I tried to get a few pics but my camera crapped out on me again.....the pics were so blurry and pixely. :( He had a total blast, though!!!

I still can't believe he only has 1.5 days left of school........ACK!!!!!