Monday, May 24, 2010

SUPER late update

I'm sooooo sorry i'm so late with an update on Chase. He's 11.5 months old and i'm just now doing his 11 month update. I'm sorry.....:(

Chase is doing amazing!!! He is crawling everywhere, and SO close to walking! He loves to pull himself up to stand on everything and has actually taken a step here and there. He is also VERY vocal and loves to talk!!! His new thing to say now is "A baa baa", which I think is his bottle....I call it his baa-baa and I think he's picked up on that from me. He says it all the time now, though! He still only has 4 teeth, but you can see on either side of his top two teeth that a tooth is trying to come through........and I *think* i've seen on either side of his bottom teeth a tooth trying to come that's a total of 4 new teeth trying to come in!! And you can tell it's bothering him, poor baby. He is constantly putting things in his mouth and chewing like crazy. Hopefully they will break in soon for him. He's also started playing ball with Licky!! He will take her ball into his hand, let it roll out and when she goes to get it he cracks up!! He is still a crappy sleeper, unfortunately.......he is still waking up at least once a night for a bottle and sometimes just wakes up crying for no reason.....and because he's still in our bed it makes it hard to just let him fuss himself back to sleep on his own. Plus, nap time has been difficult.......he fights naps something terrible!!! Hopefully this is just a phase and he'll get out of it soon. He's eating so many "table" foods now!! He loves mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots and just about whatever meat we're having. His favorite snack foods are gold fish and graham crackers. We're slowly working on getting him on whole milk, and so far he likes it. Hopefully by the time he's a year old he will be on all whole milk.

This past weekend we mailed out his birthday party invites. In the next few weeks we're going to start getting things together for his party....we can't wait!! We know the in-laws will be here for his party, and we're thinking several of our friends will be there as well so we should have a nice little get together! I'll of course take tons of pics and have lots to share. :) (well, at least I hope camera is slowly crapping out on me and i'm just waiting to find out when I can get a new one.....hopefully before his birthday!!)

Here are some pics: