Monday, April 4, 2011

Glad the weekend is over....

Wow, never thought I would say that!! We had such a rough weekend here. On Friday, when i got home from picking Ty up at school Z was home, so we got things together and went out to get some of running done. We went to Food City and then to a local store near us and picked up some groceries. When we were at Cash Saver, Chase hurt his finger in the cart and went to crying, but he just kept going and going.....even his bottle didn't soothe him! When we left he was slightly calmer, but still fussing. We decided to head back home to put the frozen foods away and then head back out to get dinner. Z and Chase stayed in the van while Ty and I brought in the groceries. After I got things put away we headed back out. We finally decided what to have for dinner, and were heading that way when Chase went to crying again. He really sounded like he was hurting, but his finger that he hurt at the store looked fine and i couldn't figure out what was wrong. (he didn't even holler "BU!!" when he saw a bunch of school buses, so I KNEW something was wrong :() He finally took his bottle and seemed to be settling down when all of the sudden he made a coughing sound and when I turned around he was getting sick. Poor baby was having a hard time catching his breath and when he could he started crying SO hard. :( Z pulled off the road and we were both trying our best to clean him up and comfort him. (stupid mommy forgot to pack any baby wipes and a change of clothes) He was crying and just plain miserable. We decided to just turn around and go back home. (obviously! LOL) Thank goodness we were still close to home!!! Z took his whole car seat out and brought it into the bathroom for me and I gave him a quick, warm bath. We then got him dressed and Z cuddled him just about all night long. He did get sick two more times, and I felt so bad for him. He also spiked a fever of 102.3, but the Tylenol quickly brought it down and kept it low. By Saturday he seemed a little better, just really run down looking and pale. We pumped him full of fluids, which he actually loved as that's all he really wanted. By late afternoon he seemed much better so decided to head out and finish up our running. We weren't gone long, and by the time we were heading home he was fussing again. :( He did god when we were home though, and slept fairly well Saturday night. Yesterday morning he woke up and seemed ok, but then ended up getting sick 3 times. :( He wanted nothing but to be cuddled up with daddy most of the day, so that is where he stayed. He hasn't had a fever anymore, but still looks a little pale and hasn't eaten much....which is fine because he is still drinking like a little fish! He has moments where he wants to play, then will quickly want his blankie and want to either be held or lay in his Elmo sofa.
Poor kiddo....I tried to sneak a pic but as soon as he saw me he smiled. One good thing to come of this weekend is, we are breaking him of the bottle!!! He was drinking a bottle Friday when he got sick the first time, and with his belly being sensitive we didn't want him to have anymore milk so we didn't offer a bottle until super early Saturday and that was only a tiny bit. As of today he hasn't had a bottle since sometime early Saturday!!! He has asked for it a few times, but for the most part we distract him and he is fine. Photobucket I am so proud of him, but at the same time it just proves he is growing up.......the only "baby" thing left will be diapers.......*sigh*