Friday, September 28, 2007

Doctor appt. yesterday

Well, I was going to update about my appointment yesterday, but we were a little busy getting some running done........

Anyhoo, the appt. went fairly well! They did an A1C and I went from 8.6 to 7.5 in 30 days!!! The downside is....i've gained weight yet again. :( Since i've been back on meds (3 months) i've gained 11lbs......bad Chris, BAD!! :( The doc mentioned that he would like to see me drop at least 10 lbs by the time I see him again, in a month. I can do that!! As long as I work hard, which I will be doing, I can make it!! AND, if I can drop 20lbs he won't mention putting me on insulin.....and if I keep doing good with exercise and eating better I could possibly reverse the diabetes ALL TOGETHER!!!!! How awesome would that be?!?!?! I am completely motivated to do better. This morning, I did 15 minutes of hard exercise, and felt SO good! I have also decided to cut back, yet again, on drinking any kind of soda. I do drink diet coke, but even that should only be in moderation. Also, the only time I drink a regular soda is for a sugar low. I'm going to cut back to only drinking pop with dinner and see how that goes. I'll also be drinking lots more water.

The BEST news of all that we got was that if I continue to do good and get it under control even more, we can try for another baby next year!!!! I was really worried about the possibility of not being able to have another one, but it looks like it will happen!!! Heck, the doctor said "if you really want to get some weight off, have another baby!!" LOL

So now I have even more reason to want to do even better. I'm doing this for myself, my husband and son, and for our future children!!!!