Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Interested in earning some extra money?

I just recently joined a site called InboxDollars, and so far I love it!! (well, I had been a member a very long time ago and just never put the time and effort into it...) What they do is send you emails and you get paid to read them! Now, you won't make a huge amount of money each month doing this site, but it can add up. Cash out is $25, and they give you $5 just for joining their site! They also have "offers" on their site that you can sign up for and they pay you. If you do join, I do recommend using a "junk" email account, like gmail, to do this since they tend to send junk mail to you. But it's good junk mail since they pay you to read it! LOL

Here is a link to sign up: (and yes, it is a referral link. They pay $5 for each referral, so that's why I added it...)


I'm also going to be putting a banner up at the top of my page.....


bluehoneytigger said...

I'll check it out, but I hate 2 read. I know I'm lame

Christine said...

Thanks so much, Pam!! Actually, all you really need to do is just click on the links in the emails they send you......plus check out the surveys on the site. Hardly any reading at all!!

But I greatly appreciate you checking it out....**hugs**!!!