Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Monday....errr, I mean tuesday!!

Having Zane home with us yesterday has really thrown my whole week off!! I keep thinking today is monday! LOL Tyler woke up this morning and was asking where daddy was, since he was home with us for 2 days in a row. It was so nice having him here with us, but I think he was glad to go back to work this morning....LOL Poor guy, we drive him crazy!!

This weekend was pretty nice....it was SO hot, though!!! I'm really looking forward to some cooler weather now that fall is right around the corner. Actually, this morning was beautiful outside!! It was only in the mid 60's and super foggy, which made it feel even cooler outside. I opened up the front door, put the screen in the sliding glass door, opened the bathroom and laundry room windows, plus opened up the window in the playroom to enjoy the fresh air. Now i'm only hoping a skunk doesn't come along!! LOL

Tyler has still been doing fairly well sleeping in his bed. In the beginning, we had told him if he sleeps in his bed until morning, he could climb up in bed with us. Well, he was waking up at 11:30pm, just after midnight, 2-3am, asking me if it was morning......i'd be half asleep so I would just tell him Come on up with us. Now I have learned that when he asks me if it's still morning, I tell him No buddy, it's still night time......no matter what time it is! He cries a little and will most likely tell me he needs a tissue, but for the most part he goes back to sleep fairly quickly. I honestly can not complain....this is the only hard thing we have had to "break" him of. He got off of his bottle and gave up his "binky" fairly easy, plus potty training went smoothly.....so, we got pretty lucky. ;) ehhh, who am I kidding.....just having him with us has made us pretty *lucky*!!

Well, I think I should get my butt in gear to get some things done around here. Ty got up early so he'll be getting an early nap, which works for me! LOL I have some laundry I need to put away, plus do some cleaning in the kitchen. Tonight for dinner we're having hamburgers off the grill on toast, corn on the cob and maybe some french fries. Or baked beans.......not sure yet. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!!!

**P.S. I haven't updated the freebies and samples because I haven't gotten anything at all in the past few mail days.....hopefully today some good stuff will roll in!!!