Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We've taught our son well!!!

Well, we've been teaching Tyler how important it is to share things, and boy did he do good....he shared his cold with me!!! LOL Yesterday my throat was scratchy and sore, and last night I started with a cough. *Knock on wood*, I don't feel sick though. Well, other than feeling a little run down and the cough, I feel ok. I'm just glad Tyler is feeling better. He started with a little cough yesterday, but his nose sounds so much better! I'm so glad he doesn't stay sick long when he does get sick. (which is hardly ever, thank goodness!)

So, we got 3 plastic containers of Ty's old clothes downstairs Monday night. I got so teary eyed going through all of it....I can't believe he was ever that small! I got it all sorted and yesterday got it all washed and folded up. It took 3 loads of laundry to wash all of it!! But, it's done and ready to take the the consignment shop. It all fit in one plastic container, but just barely!!!!! We did find out they only buy from the first 35 people to come in, so we're hoping we can get there in time tomorrow. They open at 10am, but Zane has a doctor appointment at 9:45. We could really, really use the extra money this week. If things go good and they pay well, we'll go back closer to Christmas to get rid of more clothes so we'll have extra money for the holidays.

Well, I need to cut this short....yesterday I spent all day uploading pics so i didn't get to sign up for my freebies and samples at all!!! I had some serious withdrawals!! LOL I did get lots of cleaning done, though. :) Tonight for dinner is grilled pork chops with baked beans and some veggie........have a great HUMP day, everyone!!!!