Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Todays mail :)

Wow, what a great mail day!!!

- Calgon lip gloss/Start Sampling
- Loreal Vive Pro sample/Walmart
- Figi order....not free but SO yummy!!
- Shutterfly order...our Christmas cards!!! (be on the lookout, as we will be mailing them soon if you're on our list!!)

And this morning, the big brown truck was here!!! We got:

- my Bzzagent Sonicare Sanitizer....worth $50!!
- Tyler got a Christmas gift from my oldest sister and her family....he will LOVE it!!!!

Have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving, everyone!!!! **hugs**


Patrice said...

Bzzagent hates me. That sounds cool. Everytime I get something from them, it's one of those campaigns where they send readin material and not an item. LOL!

Christine said...

Aww, don't give up hope!! When I first signed up for them, I was the same way. Last year I got the Sonicare toothbrush and this year Zane got one! Their point system sucks though, and so do their rewards!! LOL