Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Counting down the day

Only 3 more days until our company is here!! I'm really looking forward to seeing my in-laws. I can't wait for them to see how big Tyler is!!! He's excited, too......he keeps asking me "how many more days until granny, grandpa & Uncle Dave are here?" I'm just hoping my sister-in law chills out with calling my mother-in law so she can really enjoy Ty, and he doesn't have to keep asking my why granny won't talk with him. Knowing my sister-in law though, i'm sure she'll call constantly. :(

We had such a great weekend! On Saturday, Zane had to work a few hours since he was off on Thursday. He got to work super early so he wouldn't have to spend all day there, which was nice. When he got home, we talked and decided to treat ourselves to dinner. So, he showered and out the door we went.......we ended up having Red Lobster for dinner, and it was AMAZING!!! It also worked out that we had $60 in gc's for there! LOL We ordered an appetizer, which we never do since it can be so expensive. Zane ordered a pretty big dinner called an Admiral's Feast.....it had flounder, fried shrimp, fried scallops, fried clams and fries. Tyler kept saying he wanted seafood....I told him we were in the right place! LOL He got popcorn shrimp with fries, and I got fried shrimp with king crab legs and a baked potato. Plus they supply you with an endless amount of their super yummy biscuits....YUM!!!!!!! I tried Z's scallops and clams for the first time, and they were SO yummy! Tyler even loved both of those. It was so nice to have a sit down dinner like that. Plus, having seafood was a huge plus since we LOVE seafood!! Now I need to work on getting more gc's!! LOL

I talked with my mom on Sunday. She sounded so down. :( I know she has got to be sick of being in that hospital. Now, they have to put a feeding tube in her since she is just now starting to eat better. She went too long without eating and now she needs to have the feeding tube put in. The doctor said once she gets good nourishment into her, she will feel 100% better. Once she is feeling better, they are going to send her to another rehab place, but definitely NOT the one she was at before! She has been going through all of this for almost 2 months now........it is just crazy!!

Well, I guess I should get off of my butt and get more cleaning done.....I still have so much to get done before our company visits. For dinner tonight Zane is bringing home some of those p'zones from Pizza Hut.......ohhhh, I need to make a post about the dessert i'm working on!!!!! I can;t wait to try it!!!!


Patrice4 said...

Yikes! Poor Mom. I want her healthy now! And I don't even know her. I want to cheer her up. Tell your Mom I'm rooting for her--rah, rah, sis boom bah! ;)

Drool, Red Lobster--we LOVE Red Lobster. Patrick always gets that meal. I think it's that one. Was that the biggest one? Last time we went was tax time when we were in Indy, so we had extra money and he let Maryjean get one too--no fair how such a skinny 50 pound 8 year old can eat so much and still be skinny. I need more GC places. I'm trying to build up Mypoints. Point me in the direction of more GC's girl. :)

Hey, do they have Toot's out your way? Now that is a neat family restaurant and a few years back all 5 of us went and spent under $30--for a family of 5! A child's hot dog is a free meal and that's what Elway wanted. I love doing that.

Good luck with SIL hopefully not calling as much. Let me know what happens. :)

Patrice4 said...

I remember now, it was the Ultimate Feast, not the Admirals Feast.
Ultimate Feast

A tender Maine lobster tail, steamed snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi and Walt’s Favorite Shrimp. 22.25

And people always wonder about feeding their boys. Seriously, At Red Lobster, my little 50 pound 8 year old can eat. And that's what Patrick eats too. And it's too much food for me and she's always hungry these days. Maybe a spurt? None of the kids have spurted yet, this is weird. LOL! the kids LOVE lobster. Dang, champagne tastes on a beer budget--even at Red Lobster. ROFL!

Christine said...

LOL, too cute!!! It sounds like she may be going through a growth spurt....Ty is always complaining about being hungry. He can eat a huge dinner, and within 10 minutes tell me "mommy, whats for dessert? i'm hungry!" You know, i've never had lobster before....I love seafood, so I have got to try it soon!! As far as the gc's, I used the mypoints site when they converted my bzzagent points over. I had enough to get a $25 gc, and Z had enough to get a $10 gc. Plus, I had gotten a $25 gc a few months ago, and I earned the points just by opening up the emails they send. They really do add up!!

I'll tell my mom you're rooting for her!! I haven't talked to her since sunday, so i'm hoing she is feeling better and working on her rehab. :)