Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope everyone had a great Easter!! It was a quiet day here. Ty woke up around 7:30 and I heard him say "Hapy Easter, Licky!" then heard him jump up out of his bed and run into the kitchen......he didn't even say anything to me or daddy! LOL He came running back in a said "Mommy! The easter bunny was here!!" He then started to tell us all the things he brought for Ty. He jumped off of our bed and said he wanted to go hunt for eggs, but we didn't get a chance to hide any! :( Z got up super early and got Ty's basket set up, but he said it was still dark out and didn't want to hide the eggs and have something get into them. So he told Ty it was just too cold out still and the eggs were invisible until it warmed up. He took Ty to the store while I started breakfast, so while they were gone I got the eggs hide....when they were pulling up the driveway, the look on Ty's face was just priceless!!! He was pointing at the eggs he could now see and smiling.....Z said he kept telling him "look daddy, the eggs are out now!!!" He jumped out of the truck and went to finding all the eggs. I am SO mad at myself for not getting any preggo brain has gotten the best of me the past 3-4 days, plus it's been super stressful around the house and I just didn't think to get my camera out.......and anyone that knows me knows how rare that is of me to forget to take pics. :( But, Ty still had a great Easter, and that just made my day.


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