Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kindergarten 101

We went to kindergarten 101 last night at Ty's school and it was awesome!!! There were 5 kindergarten teachers there and they went over things we could do with Ty to get him prepared for school this August. They also gave us a nice packet of things we could use with him, plus a really cute book! I really liked meeting all the teachers....and they were all SO nice! They also talked about the staggered start days for the kindergarten class.......the first week of school, Ty will go one day. The second week, he'll once again go one day. Both of those days he will go from 7:45-10. Then the third week would be his official start, which I think will end up being August 31st?!? They said they will mail out a letter the end of July telling us who his teacher will be, what days he will go the first two weeks, and what supplies he will need. They also went over dropping off and picking up the kids. Since kindergarten hours are different than the other grades, the only way they can ride a school bus home is if they go to an after school "daycare" until the other grades dismiss. I'd much rather take Ty to and from school anyway so he won't have to wait around to come home.

I really can't believe my big boy will be starting school soon!! :)