Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So sick and tired.....

.....of being sick!!! Last Friday night/Saturday morning I woke up with yet another scratchy throat. That makes 4 in about 3 months!! Photobucket I told Z I wanted to see the doctor because I was sick and tired of getting those nasty sore tonsils swell almost completely closed and it's so hard to eat or drink anything. And when it's super hot it's hard to breath. It's been in the 100's the past few days so i've been struggling to breath when i'm not in the a/c. (we have air conditioning in the living room, our bedroom and one of the upstairs bedrooms only, so it was miserable trying to breath when I had to go pee or be in the kitchen) We tried to get an appointment on Monday but the insurance company was giving us a hard time...they were supposed to call us back but didn't, so I told Z to just call the doctors office anyway for Tuesday. They had no open appointments, and I was really having a hard time breathing so we decided to head to the ER. Z left work to come and take us as I was way too weak to drive anywhere. We got checked in quickly and even got called back quick! After I was called back, Z and the boys had to wait in the waiting room because the ER was packed. I ended up having to sit on a gurney in the hallway! After 10 minutes a doctor came and checked me and said I have a very severe case of strep throat. I told him the last 3 times I had it I was on antibiotics and it did clear it up but it kept coming back......I also mentioned that if I had strep why hasn't anyone in my family caught it?!? (especially Ty since he is always drinking from my cup) He said it could also be a mean case of tonsillitis but I really needed a super strong antibiotic to help clear it up, and if it didn't clear it up I would most likely have to have my tonsils out. He did say I needed to follow up with my regular doctor and he may even recommend my tonsils come out anyway since they keep getting infected so bad. So i'm now on an antibiotic that I have to take two pills every 6 hours and i'm on an anti-inflammatory med to help with all the swelling. (my tonsils were swelled completely closed by the time I went to the ER) I'm so glad I was finally seen......and i'm not too worried about my tonsils coming out if need be, i'm more worried about how I will take care of the boys while trying to heal myself. Photobucket