Monday, March 7, 2011

Been too long!

Whew, I hate when I don't blog frequently. Comcast has been giving us a fit with our internet. It will be working for awhile and then go out on us....and the sad thing is it's been going on for months now!! We've had several people out to look at it, and of course each one blames the person that was out before them. Now we are waiting on someone to check the lines from the pole to the house, which we've been begging them to do all along. But I digress.......

Hmmm, let's see. Things here have been good. A week or so ago we had some nasty rains and wind, and terrible flooding around the area. We were very lucky, but it was scary. I don't like when we have tornado warnings! We did end up with most of our driveway in our front yard and a little river running through the backyard, but considering how bad it could have been, i'll take it. The boys are doing great!! Tyler is still doing great in school, and is already excited about only having a few months of school left. He can't wait to be a second grader! (I keep telling him not to rush time since it goes by way too fast as it is....he will realize it when he is grown and has children of his own, i'm sure) Chase is just too much fun! His tantrums have been rough, but we are getting through them. He has such an amazing sense of humor, though.....he loves being silly and making everyone laugh! He is such a chatterbox, but its still hard to make out what he is saying. Tyler didn't really start talking clearly until he was well over 2 years old, so i'm not worried. For the most part I can make out what Chase is trying to say....almost everything is "puppy", except for when he see's a school bus.....he squeals "BU!!!" when he see's any school bus! And he still absolutely loves his big brother, and wants to do whatever it is he is doing. And I must say, we are so lucky that Ty loves playing with Chase as well! Yesterday Ty wasn't feeling too good, but he still wanted to play with was so sweet.

This week we have company coming down. Z's parents will be here hopefully this Thursday! Z's dad wants to go to Ty's school for lunch on Friday, which I think is so sweet. We have been so busy with getting things situated/rearranged so we have room in this super small house. We are going to donate tons of clothes and toys again, and we have already made two dump runs and need to make a few more this week!! I am so very grateful for a roof over our heads, but I would SO love just a few extra feet in this house! LOL

I can't think of much else new going on.......I will be sure to get lots of pics while we have company here, though. I hope to actually get a good family picture taken as well!!