Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wow, wow, wow!

The past two days have been AMAZING for freebies!! Yesterday I got:

- Brew Over Ice tumbler from Kuerig (VERY nice!)
- free mini photo book from MyPublisher
- Clean perfume sample (2)/Facebook
- chocolate sample from Kudzu (melted :()
- Bzzagent kit for Children's Claritin (didn't get a pic of that...)
- $3 paypal/Pinecone

I'm sure there is more I am skipping, as the mailbox was PACKED!!

Today was just as awesome!

- Orville Pop up bowl popcorn (walmart)
- Flask with my initials (Coppenhagen)
- Red Gold apron (2)
- Glade coupon for free spring collection product/Facebook
$3 Paypal/Pinecone (I did two surveys for them in one day and only got one payment, but Karen was right on top of it for me!)

Also got my kit from My Get Together today from FedEx. Ohh, and yesterday I received some copy paper I ordered....I got 3 packs of 500 sheets for .55!!

All of these goodies coming in are such a blessing right now.....just the distraction I needed :)