Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Field Day!

Ugh, I am so far behind with posting here.....it's been SO hectic with taking care of things around here while Z recovers from surgery, and trying to find just a little bit of "me" time has been tough!!

But, last Friday Ty had Field Day at school and had SO much fun!! Chase and I didn't get there until later in the afternoon, but we got to see him do 2 events; the Relay Race and Sac Race. His class got first place for the sac race!! I didn't get any pics of him doing either event, mainly because Chase was super fussy and it was hard to get any pics and deal with him. But I did get a few good pics of Ty with some of his friends....

Ty and his "girlfriend" Haley...(she is SO cute!)

All the kids playing with Chase...they were all over him!

Love these last two pics:

How in the world is there only 10.5 days fo school left?!? Photobucket