Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Official start to this week......

With Z being off yesterday, this week is now officially started since he is back to work today. It was so nice being with my 3 fave men these past 3 days. Yesterday was awesome! We decided to do burgers and hot dogs off the grill along with fries and I had some potato salad. (LOVE the Food City potato salad! Now I just need to learn to make my own! LOL) For dessert I had made some sugar cookies and a strawberry shortcake (which I already posted pics of) and they both kicked butt!! The cookies have such an amazing sugar cookie taste (and it's a cookie mix! Krusteaz) and are really soft! And the cake was oh so yummy..........everyone loved it! As for fireworks, we didn't really see much from the house. We didn't go out to see any, mainly because Chase had no nap and was ready fro be before 7pm! Plus, none of us like huge crowds of people so we usually end up staying home anyway. Before we moved last September, we could see fireworks right off our front porch, which was nice. But at this house, we could see a few but it was too scary to be out there to try and watch them. (not the greatest neighborhood to be out in at night :() We did watch the fireworks on tv and listened to some amazing music! We watched a little of the show from D.C., but we mainly watched the local channel to see the fireworks downtown. I have to say, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra was AMAZING!!!!! Their music was just beautiful.....and the fireworks were just as beautiful!! Ty enjoyed watching them, but he was disappointed he couldn't see any outside. I told him we will make some plans to go out next July 4th to see some live. All in all we had a really nice holiday weekend.

I am SO far behind with scrapbooking, you would think I would try and get caught up any chance I had to sneak scrapping in, right?!? WRONG!! I have now started a cross stitch project. LOL I found an adorable, FREE, pattern that I just couldn't wait to do!!! I got it started earlier last week, and i'll be sure to post pics as I work on it. I also still want to sneak in scrapbooking when I can, but at this rate i'll be lucky to get one layout done every few weeks! LOL

Hope everyone had a safe Independence Day, and has a wonderful week!!!! Photobucket