Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OUCH!!! :(

Poor lil' Chase-r got stung by a hornet today that snuck in the house!!! I heard him crying really hard and he was favoring his right hand when I got to him, and when I saw his finger it was blood red and was SO hot to the touch!! At first I thought he burned his hand on the oven (I had just taken lunch out of the oven and it was still pretty warm and thought he got his fingers somehow to where some heat was coming out of) so I grabbed a cold rag and was holding it on his hand. I asked him to show me how he hurt himself and he led me back into the kitchen and pointed to the floor.....and there I saw the hornet, barely crawling along. I'm assuming he saw it and was trying to pick it up and it got him?!? I looked at his hand again and noticed some of the redness was now spreading up to his elbow and started to freak. I quickly mixed up some baking soda and water and took him back into the the time we got into there (only a few seconds, maybe?!?) the redness was starting to fade and he was no longer crying. I looked his finger over and didn't see a stinger in it, so I gave him some Motrin and he is now eating lunch and watching a dvd. The redness is completely gone from his arm, but his finger still looks really red, but not swollen. I've noticed he seems to be favoring that finger as well.......:(