Friday, August 26, 2011

Furniture saga

So last February (2010) we purchased a new sofa and love seat. They are made by Lane, and we got a really good deal on the pair. After having it for a few months, we noticed one of the seats on the sofa appeared to be sunken in. No biggie, since we purchased the extra warranty. Someone came out to "fix it", but it took her almost 3 weeks to make it out. And then when she did get to the house, she realised she had the wrong part to fix it and would need to order the part and come back to repair it. 2.5 weeks later she came back out and fixed the sofa. Fast forward to earlier this year. One of the recliners on the sofa lost a HUGE spring. And it's one of the recliners that hardly ever gets used! So we called where we purchased the furniture and spoke with the manager. We told him what was wrong and he said someone would get it fixed as soon as possible. Ok, that works. Several weeks later we realized no one has contacted us about it, so Z called the store yet again. The manager once again assured us he was working on it, and that he would check into getting the part at the warehouse and would call us back. Several MORE weeks pass and we hear nothing. This goes on for quite a few months, and then we are finally told "The part is in the warehouse and someone from there would contact us to set up a time to come fix the sofa." So we waited all week and no one called us. Hmmm, sounds like the store and the warehouse people don't believe in calling people back! We waited the week and decided to call back the store. The manager then tells us "Oh, the guy who was supposed to call us was on vacation the whole week." Ummm, so NO ONE else works there that could come and fix it?!? He then told us he would "call us back" and to give the guy who is going to fix it a chance to call us the following week. Guess what?!? Yep, no one called us!!! Z and I had FINALLY had enough, and after giving them plenty of time to get the sofa fixed we wanted something done ASAP! So Z told the manager we were done with the run around, and we either wanted a new sofa or our money back, and that NOW a recliner on the love seat was not working properly! He assured Z we would get it taken care of and that he would "call him back." Yeah, no call back. So Z called and spoke to the managers boss and we finally got things rolling. Z rold him how the manager was always saying he would call and never did, and that he felt he was ggiving us the run around and we were done. He said he would talk with the manager and call Z back. And he actually DID!!! We are now getting a new sofa!!! And, he said he would have someone come out and look at the love seat, but we are going to tell them it's not worth it and we want it replaced as well. All of this mess has been going on since APRIL!!! It's been so frustrating and I am beyond pissed at the customer service we received. I mean, how rude and umproffesional is it not to call someone back....and not just once, but LOTS of times!!! I told Z if it comes down to us getting our money back we will NOT shop at that store ever again.

Whew, if you read all of that ramble you SO deserve a cookie!!!! Photobucket Hopefully we will have our new sofa next week!!!