Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Had a fantastic day!!!

With the way this year has been for us, we ALL were needing a getaway. Obviously we needed to do something that didn't cost alot of money, but would be something to get us out of the house for a bit and be fun for the boys. Well, we ended up going to Pigeon Forge! We hit a few stores, Dollartree was first. I got SUCH an amazing deal there!!! I love the body mist that Dove makes, but it can be so expensive. Well, we were checking out and I saw a lady in front of us had a bottle of the Dove spray and I quickly told Z I wasn't done in the store yet and set off to see if I could find that body mist!! And I found it!!! WOOHOO!!! It sells for almost $4 at Walmart!!

I still can't believe I found it! After Dollartree, Z surpised me by taking me to the Scrapbook Outlet store in P.F.! There is a HUGE outlet store there, but there is also a second outlet store that is part of the regular outlet store that has even more savings. I've been wanting to get some cardstock, but didn't want to spend money on it that we just didn't have. Well, I found some super cute paper that was marked .10......

I figured .50 for some paper was a decent deal and wouldn't "break the bank" (I got 5 total sheets).....when it rang up, the total was .27!! And that's with tax!! Apparently, they take 50% off the total purchase!!! I can't wait to build up some survey money and go back over there again!!

After we left the Scrapbook store we took the boys to the Amusement park. Ty had a blast, but Chase wasn't a happy camper. :( It was so warm out, and the rides he could get on he cried when he was on them. Also, Ty is just getting too big for the rides which makes me sad. :( I did get some good pics, though....

Ty loves the rides so much over there! Chase, not so much.......LOL

I think the big thing with Chase was the heat. It was SO flippin hot!! But all in all, it was SO nice to get out of the house and it was GREAT seeing the boys enjoy themselves! We really needed this outing.....and it didn't cost alot of money!!!