Saturday, August 13, 2011

Long overdue updates

I keep meaning to post updates about the boys, but keep getting sidetracked!!! Ok, on to the updates!!

Ty is doing great!!! As you already know, he starts school this coming Monday, August 15th. He is beyond excited about going back! I am so very thankful that he loves school so much and hope it continues as he gets older. I did horrible in school and hated it so much. :( (I was ubber shy and got picked on quite a bit, mainly in the higher grades....) I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he is going into second grade. How is it I have a 7.5 year old?!? He is so amazing, though. He has his moments where he can be so mouthy and rotten, but what kiddo doesn't go through that?!? I still wouldn't trade him for anything.....not even peanut butter! LOL I checked his height and weight and he is well over 4 feet tall and 56lbs. Getting tall and skinny!! He loves to stand in front of me to see how tall he is compared to me and this morning he did it and said "Look mom, i'm now past your boobs!" Considering i'm so short, I knew he would end up being taller than me and it looks like he's right on track for that! LOL

Chase is also doing great!! He is starting to say more words now that I can actually understand! His list of words are:

- mama/mommy (depending on his mood depends on what he calls us!)
- dada/daddy
- Bubba (Tyler)
- MeeMee (our cat)
- nana (Z's mom)
- poppop (Z's dad and my dad)
- pee (please)
- tee-tee (thank you & bless you)
- me (excuse me)
- neenee (Ernie from Sesame Street)
- mo-mo (Elmo)
- owwww (sounds like E.T. saying "ouch" LOL)

That's about all I can think of, and spell! LOL Some things he says I have no idea what it is but he will show me what he is trying to say and i'll figure out what he means. Also, I can not get over this child's manners!!! He regularly says "please" and "thank you" and if someone sneezes he will say "bless you" (tee-tee). And whenever he burps he covers his mouth and will say "me" (excuse me) and he also says it when he passes gas! I'll ask him if his hiney burped and he'll giggle and say "Me!" I don't know of many 2 year olds who have manners like he does! We are so proud of him! He loves to play with his Bubba (Tyler) and tries his best to keep up with him, but poor guy is so clumsy.....just like his daddy! His little legs are all bruised up in the front, and he has at least 3-4 scratches on him, not to mention a little bump on his forehead from falling yesterday! :( I really wish I could wrap him in bubble wrap sometimes!!!! Chase is going to have such a rough time when Ty goes back to school. And i'll of course miss having Ty home with me as well.............this summer went by way to fast!!! :(